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Thank you so much for considering partnering with me on your family-building journey. This journey is hard. Like, really hard. It’s exhausting physically, emotionally, mentally and financially.

You do not need to go 
through this alone.

As your Family-Building Coach, I will work with you to identify some of the key challenges you face on your family-building journey and guide you to navigate through them.

The coaching technique I will be using is based on the best practices of The EcoFertility Method. It is a 90 day program with us meeting virtually one time a week for 60 minutes over the course of four weeks. The sessions will then space out to one 60 minute session every other week over the next eight weeks.

I truly look forward to working with and supporting you.

Founded in 2020, Kindred Beginnings was established to create a network of support resources for the family-building community. We aim to provide connection through personal coaching, support groups, and by providing referrals to local and national resources. Our mission is to provide support, validation, education and resources for all who are family-building.

Free initial discovery coaching call

30 minutes

One-on-one complimentary call with Lynn to see what you would like to accomplish in overall mind, body and spiritual health to assist you in navigating your family-building journey.

Talk with Lynn

Coaching Services

By participating in this program you will have a stronger relationship with yourself in mind, body and spirit which will lead to better relationships with family and friends. Ultimately you will save time and money by focusing on your present goal and building the confidence to be your own advocate while simultaneously balancing your life and managing stress in a meaningful, mindful way.

Reclaim Yourself
Coaching Program

Watch this video to learn more

8 one-on-one individual virtual coaching sessions

Email and text support and follow-up

Accountability Partner

Monthly educational workshops

Private Facebook group support

Monthly newsletter

Schedule a call today. Support options are available.

These 8 sessions will cover topics vital to ensuring your mind, body, and spirit connection on your journey. Together in these sessions we will work on:

  • Assessing where you are in your journey
  • How to care for yourself emotionally, physically and spiritually
  • Improving your relationship with yourself

Session Overview

Session 1
Honoring You 

This session focuses on assessing where you are in your family-building journey.

Session 2
Caring for Your Physical Body
This session helps you identify ways to positively impact your physical internal self.
Session 3
Creating a Healthy Living Space
This session will focus on creating a healthy home environment.
Session 4
Mindful Stress Management
This session focuses on identifying your stressors and developing mindful techniques for coping.
Session 5
Persisting Forward
This session focuses on fully committing to yourself.
Session 6
Developing a Positive Relationship with Money
This session will help you to identify and mindfully address financial issues.
Session 7
Navigating Hopelessness
This session teaches you how to defy hopelessness and reframe your thinking.
Session 8
Celebration of You

This session focuses on reflecting on your accomplishments and has you create a long-term plan for continued success.

Online 90 Day Guided Program

Want the benefits of coaching on your time and schedule? Stay tuned for an exciting new online guided program!

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Scholarship Program

One FREE 90-day private coaching session will be given away annually!

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