September 16, 2021

You’ve gone through all the doctor’s appointments, medication cycles, insurance issues and rearranging your life to balance work and treatments. And wait. 

The two week wait (TWW) is the time between the date of ovulation, an insemination through IUI or an IVF embryo transfer and your pregnancy test (called a beta). It’s a time of excitement, angst, worry, concern and hope all mixed up into one big ball of nerves. So how do you survive it?

Don’t obsess over every cramp, twinge and ache. 

Yes, they can be early pregnancy symptoms. They can also be “just because” symptoms. Try not to get too caught up in them. Notice them, acknowledge them, and move on with your day.

Fill up your schedule.

You know the phrase a watched pot never boils? Same rule applies here. Schedule a date with a friend, watch a movie, binge on your favorite television series, read some new books, flip through gossip magazines, go for mindful walks, write, paint, craft, and do anything else that will keep your mind busy. 

Surround yourself with the right supports.

Talk with those who get it. Join a support group. Confide in someone you trust. 

Acknowledge. Validate. Move forward.

It’s okay to not be okay. The idea is to acknowledge the feelings, sit with them for a few moments and move on. There’s no need to be stuck in all the what ifs.

Practice mindfulness and connection.

Meditate/pray, do breathing exercises, journal, go for a mindful walk and search for all the red things (or blue or green or your favorite color), listen to ocean waves, snuggle with your pet or a stuffed animal. 

Make a decision about pregnancy tests and stick to the plan.

Some women want to test on their own at home. If that’s you, decide what day you will start testing and test once in the morning with your first urine. Try to limit your testing to once a day if not every other day. 

Make a list of 14 things to do over the 2 weeks.

Come up with 1 goal for each day of your wait. It can be big or small. Find something that resonates with you, is meaningful and will maybe kill a few hours!

Give yourself extra love and compassion.

The wait is hard. You’ve been through a lot. Be kind to yourself. Repeat some positive affirmations and mantras like: I am safe. My body is healthy and working properly. My baby is coming to me. You may even want to write these on sticky notes and post them around your spaces.

The waiting is hard, and it will pass. Spend the time enjoying the break from the chaos of what was and be present in celebrating being PUPO (pregnant until proven otherwise)!

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