March 25, 2021

It doesn’t take you long to figure out that fertility and family-building talk can quickly consume your entire life. Decisions need to be made frequently, sometimes urgently, and before you know it you and your partner only know how to speak in fertility lingo. That’s not fun. Here are some tips for navigating this journey together.

Dedicated time.

Conversations surrounding your family-building can be difficult with hard decisions that need to be made. Set aside some time and space each day, if possible, to just talk fertility and family-building. Keep a list of things you’d like to discuss during that scheduled time to help keep you organized. Take breaks during the conversation if you need to. Do your best to refrain from discussing family-building outside of that time. By setting up boundaries around the topic you are taking back a bit of control.

Be open.

Do not assume that your partner knows what you need. Speak openly and honestly about your thoughts, feelings and be specific about what it is that you want and need. 

Actively listen.

Listen attentively and know that you and your partner may not always agree. Work to understand where your partner is coming from. Use phrases like, “Help me understand why….” to show that you are coming from an empathetic and caring place.


It’s vital that you and your partner remain and upkeep your authentic connection. You were a couple before this journey. You had likes, you did special things together, explored and maybe traveled together. Remember who you were as a couple and make an effort to incorporate some of that “before infertility life” back into your present world.

Consider this - the way that you navigate your family-building journey is the way that you will parent. There will be challenging moments and crossroads along the way. Work with your partner to navigate the journey stronger together.

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