Paperback – September 1, 2020

Kindred Beginnings: Coloring Your Way Mindfully Through Your Family-Building Journey

Let’s face it - family-building is hard. Much harder than you ever thought. You feel alone. Isolated. Misunderstood. There are those well-meaning people who just say the wrong words. You know the ones: Just relax. Stop thinking about it. Give it time. It’ll happen.
This coloring book was created to support you and shift your thoughts because, yes, the mind-body connection is a real thing. Give yourself permission to surround yourself with positive quotes and mantras that serve you all while releasing stress and tapping into your inner child through the art of coloring.

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Paperback – April 2021

Creating Me! : Conception Through IVF

Family-building is hard. Answering a child’s question of “How was I made?” after undergoing assisted reproductive technology (ART) is even harder. My family-building story has been a 6 year journey consisting of 10 in-vitro fertilization cycles. When my 4 year old daughter asked, “Mommy, how was I made?” I wasn’t prepared to break down the complexity of the truth into simplified language. That’s how this all came to be.Creating Me! is a customizable, interactive children’s book series for parents to explain conception through assisted reproductive technology (ART). With a balance of scientific and kid-friendly language, this personalized text is a beautiful way for any family to be able to share their conception story with their child(ren).

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Introducing the new diverse family series! 

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