November 21, 2021

This is the moment that you have wished for, hoped for, and worked for. 2 lines. The confirmed beta test. You’re pregnant.

This is both a happy and confusing time. You may experience a form of survivor’s guilt feeling like you are leaving your tribe behind. So how do you go about sharing your news with those who are still struggling to conceive?

Just tell it like it is. Really. It’s okay. You don’t want your friends who are still in the trenches to find out from someone else or, worse yet, through social media. Be honest, truthful and sensitive. 

“I want to be honest with you and let you know that this last cycle was successful and I am pregnant. I am still here for you but understand if you need some space and time.” 

Then really give her some space and time to process. You understand what it is like to be on the receiving end. If she pulls back, do not take it personally. She is dealing with her own big feelings and may be acting out of a place of total self-care. Respect her wishes and follow her lead. 

Being pregnant is hard, and it can feel wrong to complain about it after all you have been through to get here. Complain away, but make sure you are speaking to the right audience. Those who are still on the journey do not want to hear about your morning sickness, sore boobs or constipation. 

When sharing your good news with those who are still navigating their own family-building, be mindful, considerate and compassionate. Recognize that the responses you receive may vary and are not to be taken personally. Follow her lead and know that your relationship may or may not change. 

Whatever happens, celebrate your success. You’ve earned it and deserve to enjoy every last bit of it.

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