April 26, 2021

Infertility sucks. It’s stressful on your mind, body and spirit. In the midst of all of the chaos you work to regain control by shifting your diet, adding in supplements, and seeking out remedies. And while all this may improve your health which will improve your fertility, something might still be off. That something is your mind and heart.

Family-building brings a lot of big, powerful feelings with it - anger, sadness, sorrow, frustration, anxiety and disappointment. According to traditional Chinese medicine, these feelings, if not acknowledged and validated, block the energy of the kidneys which symbolizes essence, life and death. It’s very easy to say, “Just release those negative feelings and POOF!” So let’s talk about some action steps you can take.

  1. Find the joy in your life.

It’s there and yet sometimes so difficult to find, especially during your hard moments. Start small and acknowledge any thing for which you are grateful - your breath, tea, your pet, the minty taste of your toothpaste. Literally anything. Tapping into this joy will bring with it passion, courage and confidence.

  1. Shift your mindset...especially in those hard moments.

“It was so easy for her to get pregnant. There must be something wrong with me.” Sounds familiar, right? We all too often compare ourselves to others and it hurts our hearts. When that pregnant woman triggers you, acknowledge the yucky feelings first. Then be curious. “I wonder what her story is. I wonder if she struggled. I wonder if pregnant ladies used to be a trigger for her too.” You don’t know everyone’s story so catch yourself making up “facts” about her life. Ground yourself in what you absolutely know to be the truth - that woman is pregnant.

  1. Spend more time focusing on the yeses than the nos. 

It’s very easy to focus on all you don’t have, but what about the things you do have? What about the decisions you do make? Trust that your decisions and your journey are taking you to your final destination. Validate that this is not the way you expected to get there, but acknowledge that with every detour you are getting closer. Be open and receptive to the process. A good mantra to use is, “I am open to receiving guidance to show me the way.”

Pent up emotions are a real and detrimental blockage when it comes to your health and fertility. If you feel like you’ve tried everything else, challenge yourself to be extra curious about your emotional health.

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