June 16, 2021

I’ve always considered myself to be a good person. I’ve made mistakes and poor choices like everyone else but generally was kind, caring and compassionate.

Then 10 rounds of IVF over 6 years came about that quite literally knocked me on my ass. 

Infertility is trauma. Trauma is defined as “a deeply depressing and disturbing experience.” Yep. That sounds spot on. 

When we enter into this world we are at a certain place in our life;  we are here


And then infertility hits. Trauma. And we go below baseline and are here



We find ways to cope, maybe by doing things we have never done before like joining a support group, meditation, exercise, acupuncture, holistic healing practices, herbal supplements, dietary changes, and the list goes on. These things become a way of life, forms of exceptional self-care and self-compassion. They make us feel good despite our shattered world.

And then one day your family-building is resolved. Some people work their way toward getting back to that baseline, where they were in their life before infertility. They are resilient. They have healed. They have “bounced back” making their way here again: --------x--------

But then there are those who keep up with these good habits and continue their mindfulness skills, speak daily affirmations, have an established morning and night routine, have a stronger spiritual connection, seek out new opportunities, get enough sleep each night and have a greater appreciation for life. These people are now even better humans than they were before, and infertility has paved the way to that. These people are here: 



The name for this is post-traumatic growth. It exceeds resilience in the sense that the person transforms because of and from this traumatic experience.

I now have a daily yoga, meditation and gratitude morning practice that sets the tone for my day. I read positive affirmations, statements that help to overcome a negative thought, daily (download  your free affirmation cards here) and find times throughout my day to breathe and ground myself . I am more empathetic, form stronger, better connections with myself first and then others, exude more confidence and have a stronger sense of gratitude for the little things. 

Infertility is trauma, but there is a way to come out on top and live an even better life. 

Curious about how you can take small shifts to improve your overall well-being? Schedule a complimentary discovery call with me to put together a plan customized just for you!

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