May 23, 2021

It’s one of the most common questions - What can I do to improve my egg quality and his sperm?

Your body is made up of cells, the egg and sperm being cells themselves. It starts with taking steps to ensure that you are in the best overall health mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually because, as they say, fertility and health are not separate entities. 

Think of your body like a fish tank. You don’t just pour some water into a bowl and throw a fish in there and expect it to thrive, right? You need to check the water levels, temperature, PH balance and tend to the overall ecosystem. The same is true for our bodies. 

It goes back to basics - diet. Good, nutritious, organic, wholesome foods are what is needed to fuel our bodies. Be sure to eat proteins, good fats and vegetables with each meal. Start your day with hot water and lemon and be sure to stay hydrated with filtered water consistently throughout the day. Be sure to eat within the first hour of being awake and aim to eat every 2-3 hours.

Once you have tightened up your diet you can begin to add in supplements. Keep in mind that supplements are just that - supplements that are working in conjunction with your diet. You can check out Binto founder Suzie Devine’s talk “Take Charge of Your Fertility: Learn to Support Your Fertility Naturally with Nurse Suzie” to hear about what makes a supplement a good one.

Here are some really good book reads to give more specifics as to diet and supplements:

It’s also important to be mindful of your bath and beauty products and household cleaners which have added toxins that are proven to be endocrine disruptors that directly affect your hormones. Check out this short video called “Toxins and Your Family-Building,” and the website To Make a Mommy which is a really great resource to learn more about toxic-free living.

Don’t discount the importance of sleep. Aim for 8-10 hours every single night. Sleep is essential for repairing organs, muscles and cells. 

Finally, pay attention and tend to your emotional state. It’s important for you to identify all of your feelings, good and bad, and sit with them. This is how we release and heal. Ignoring them or “pushing them down” is only hurting you. Acknowledge. Accept. Be curious. Release. Heal. (See “Tap In, Feel and Acknowledge”)

Focusing on your diet first and then adding in the appropriate supplements, paying close attention to the toxins in your household, making sleep a priority and truly sitting with your emotions are the first steps into improving your overall health creating happy, healthy cells including egg and sperm.

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