Lynn Polin

Creator of Kindred Beginnings

Certified Integrative Fertility Coach

Mom of two miracle girls

Every journey is valid.

Hi! I’m Lynn, and I’m glad you’re here, but I’m sorry to have to meet you in this way.

Let’s face it - family-building is hard. Much harder than you ever thought. You feel alone. Isolated. Misunderstood.

It doesn’t need to be this hard. I get caught up in the shoulda, woulda, couldas too.

What if there was a better way?

  • Create a stronger relationship with yourself - mind, body and spirit.
  • Learn to manage stress in a meaningful, mindful way.
  • Save time and money by learning to become your own advocate.

All of this is possible.

I’m here for you. 
Every step of the way.

My Journey

I get it. I have a BIG story too:


IVF cycles




eggs retrieved


eggs that made it to embryo


PGS genetically tested


fresh transfers


frozen transfers


1 pregnancy loss that almost cost me my own life


miracle baby girls

Infertility changed my life for the good, the bad, and the ugly. After being a third grade educator for 17 years, I decided to pursue a career as a family-building coach with the mission to help others successfully navigate their own family-building journeys. I live in Southern New Jersey with my husband, Drew, and two miracle girls, Kayla and Rylie.

I’ve dedicated my life to providing validation and education for the family-building community. I volunteer for RESOLVE, The National Infertility Association, to provide peer-led support groups both locally and nationally. I’ve also founded the Walk of Hope NJ, leading the most successful annual fundraising walk for RESOLVE.

My husband and I were trying to conceive for over two years and never had a positive pregnancy test. My OB sent us to do some testing and it was discovered through an HSG test that both of my Fallopian tubes were completely blocked. We went straight to IVF. The first round failed, and we had no frozen embryos. The second round brought 2 viable embryos and we transferred them both and got pregnant! 9 weeks in I started bleeding and it was discovered that I had a rare heterotopic pregnancy meaning that one embryo implanted correctly in the uterus but the other had implanted in my left Fallopian tube causing an ectopic pregnancy. I had emergency surgery to remove my left tube and, unfortunately, lost that baby. I was able to sustain the other pregnancy and had my daughter Kayla in 2014.

We wanted to grow our family so we went back into treatments pretty quickly. IVF rounds 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 were all fails - not even a positive pregnancy test. We decided that we were done with treatments, but I struggled. A lot. I put myself into intense therapy and realized that I wanted to support others and formed the support group which then led to a DIY Walk of Hope through RESOLVE, The National Infertility Association. Our first walk was so successful that my husband and I were nationally recognized at RESOLVE’s annual Night of Hope Gala in New York City in November of 2018.

Through all of this I decided that I wasn’t done and wanted to give IVF round 10 a go…with one catch - I wanted to film a documentary about it! I advocated for myself and opted to have a surgery to remove my second Fallopian tube before getting started with round 10. In October of 2018 I had my tenth transfer and it was successful. I delivered my second miracle baby girl, Rylie, in June 2019.


  • “Lynn has helped me so much during my process! I am so thankful I found this group! I feel like we are all family! Lynn has always taught me to never give up and always look for another way! Thank you for everything!!!”
    - Laura C.
  • “Lynn and the support group she ran kept me sane during my fertility treatments. I felt that my problems mattered and she knew what I was going through because she experienced it. The group and Lynn made me realize I’m not the only one dealing with fertility problems and all my feelings are valid. She is kind, compassionate and strong. After we had our son via IVF she kept in touch with me and it has meant the world!”

    - Kelsey
  • “The whole IVF process was much more taxing on my body and mind than I expected. Having the support from Lynn and the Resolve members was a HUGE help! The IVF journey can be very lonely and isolating at times so having other women who understood and could relate to what I was going through was priceless. Lynn was caring and made me feel comfortable from my first email to her when I reached out for more information about the Resolve support group. I am now proud to call her one of my lifelong friends!”

    - R.I.
  • “I will echo the famous words spoken by my fearless leader, Lynn. “I am so happy to have met you, but I’m so sorry for why we need to meet.” I am so glad you have landed on this page and you can have the opportunity to work with Lynn. You won’t regret it. I met Lynn one year into my infertility journey. I was on the conveyor belt of infertility treatments and procedures with no success. Lynn empowered me to take control of my journey and be my own advocate. No matter what came up during my journey Lynn has been with me every step of the way. Her personal infertility journey combined with her professional experience allows her to be your partner and coach as you navigate your own path. I didn’t know this warm, kind, caring, nonjudgmental guidance was available. I now see the wonderful possibilities for myself and my family. Thank you, Lynn.

    - Lauren
  • “Lynn has been an AMAZING addition to my infertility journey! She continues to be such a great support, always there to listen and be a shoulder to cry on, and always seems to know the right things to say to help ease my struggle. I will forever be in her debt for the motivation and empowerment she has given me to not only raise my confidence about not being ashamed about my inability to conceive, but also to advocate for myself and others! Lynn is a true blessing!”

    - Heather Jantz-Haun
  • “There’s not a bad thing I can say about Lynn and her coaching. I like everything about the program. Lynn has really made me become a different person and see life in a more positive way. The old me is still growing and tends to be 50/50 in life which is from all my struggles and heartaches from infertility. Lynn didn’t have to take me on as a client but she chose to help me and I can’t thank her enough for doing so. From the first video call I was immediately surrounded by her positive and compassionate positive energy. She just has a way that makes you really believe in yourself. She has helped me improve myself more than I thought I had in me. I deeply cherish the time we have put in together and the progress she has helped me make in my life. I wouldn't be this far along and have this much courage to push forward without her support. Her assistance has made me an even stronger person. She’s more than a coach,she’s a friend who I will treasure for helping me see the light when I was stuck in the dark. Thank you so much Lynn!!! Always remember -Begin Again, Now!!!”

    - Jessica S
  • “I was at the point in my fertility struggles where my head was just spinning. Online support groups were great but I desperately needed to talk with some people in real life. I happened to find Resolve and Lynn responded to me right away. I met with the group that same week and it was the most comfort I had felt in over a year. Lynn is the kind of person you just know cares about you and I really felt I clicked with her right then and there. She is so knowledgeable and friendly. And she is someone I know I can count on still now that I have my rainbow baby!”

    - Jayne
  • “I don’t know how I made it through the first 2.5 years of our infertility journey without the support of Lynn and the beautiful community she created through our support group. From that first meeting on, Lynn was so invested in supporting each of us in the way we needed most. She kept track of every appointment and reached out with notes of encouragement along the way. She lent an empathetic ear when things didn’t go well, and celebrated our victories big and small as if they were her own. She provided education, support, and love, and cultivated an environment of vulnerability and growth to help us find our path and navigate it well. I’ll be forever grateful to Lynn for helping me through such a challenging time and then celebrating our ultimate success 2.5 years after we first met.”

    - Lynn M.
  • “Lynn is a one-in-a-million guide for women looking to improve their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being for fertility and beyond. She lived the experience from heartache after heartache to success story. She knows this life and has walked this road and has the knowledge, compassion and heartfelt understanding of the highest highs and lowest lows that come with a fertility journey. She has been an amazing teacher, guide, cheerleader and friend to me and I know she will be all of this and more to the many women she will work with through Kindred Beginnings. I can’t say enough great things about her and her work. She has truly found her calling!”

    - L.D.

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